Here Comes the Water Patrol

Have we been to your school recently? Have you completed your pledges to become a part of the Water Patrol yourself?

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Mrs. Hanley's WHOLE 4th grade class at St. Joachim School in Cedarhurst worked hard to become members of the Water Patrol in June 2000. Here are some things they did:

Terry and Arielle put water in the refrigerator to have cold water to drink. Tia and her dad put on a puppet show about water. Tamar and Jasmine were some of the many students who talked to neighbors about saving water. Many students, like Chan, made signs or posters to remind everyone at home not to waste water. Jeffrey suggested ways to save water at the construction sites where his dad works.

In 2011 in Great Neck, Jeremy and Aaron took shorter showers, Sabrina put signs in her bathrooms and kitchen to remind people to use less water and Holden put on a play for his family.

Remember, it will take 4 or more weeks to complete your pledges!

Very deep under Long Island is some water that may have rained here 3000 years ago! Most of us drink water that is between 20 and 200 years old.

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