For Parents

Starflower Experiences, Inc. is a Long Island-based not-for-profit educational organization that offers environmental experiences to schools and for the public.

"Here Comes the Water Patrol" is a presentation we offer to 3rd and 4th grades in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We may have come to your child's school courtesy of the PTA, the school, or your water provider (Plainview Water District or the Water Authority of Great Neck North).

Your child was sent home with a Water Patrol Trainee badge and a Water Patrol booklet that explains the 4 pledges they need to make in order to become a member of the Water Patrol and earn their Water Patrol hat. We hope you will help and encourage them with these tasks. If you have any questions, please contact us at Water

If you'd like to know more about our organization and what else we do, click here to see Starflower Experiences' Home Page.

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