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Starflower Experiences, Inc. is a local not-for-profit educational organization that offers programs and experiences to help people understand, appreciate, and live more in harmony with the earth's life systems.

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Starflower Experiences runs an Accredited EarthkeepersTM program

enjoying a 'whiff'
Enjoying a 'whiff'

This coming summer: July 6-10, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, followed by an optional week of Earth Explorers

Download a registration flyer here: Earthkeepers Summer 2015

The Earthkeepers program is run at sites around the world!

Rangers of the EarthTM

Starflower Experiences was lucky to be a pilot site for The Institute for Earth Education's Rangers of the Earth program. 2014-2015 is the 12th year at the Martin Luther King Jr School in Wyandanch.

finding a Time Capsule
Finding a Time Capsule

This powerful program takes a whole year to complete, yet requires only 2 full days at an outdoor site plus opportunities for youngsters to explore natural places in their own community.

Check out our upcoming events:

    Book discussions at Manor Farm... scroll down for info
    scroll down for info on our summer programs Nature's Way and Eureka Expeditions
    Work days at Manor Farm from 10 - 2, contact Rich at rich @
    Next Community Yard Sale is June 6, 2015. (scroll down for info)
    Long Island Naturally, our environmental fair is September 26, 2015.

Volunteers welcomed!

Nature's Way

Youngsters who follow Nature's Way will begin their expedition each day at our headquarters at Manor Farm where they will be involved in games and challenges to better understand their natural neighbors. Then they'll set off along "Nature's Way" in the woodlands of the adjacent Berkeley Jackson County Park where they'll have the chance to practice and apply their new understandings as well as learn to appreciate the natural beauty of this area. Finally, participants will come to see how they can help the plants and animals that live together and depend on each other in natural communities.

Download a registration flyer here for our summer experiences: Nature's Way 2015

Eureka Expeditions

Learn the keys to the modern day high-tech scavenger hunt known as geocaching. Each day we will travel to a different natural wonder on Long Island where you can use our GPS units to find the hidden clues that will unlock a treasured surprise for all participants.

Download registration flyer here:
Eureka July and/or August 2015

Book Discussion: The Third Plate by Dan Barber

  •   June 8 & June 29
  •   Manor Farm 7 pm
  •   Please start reading before June 8 and finish by June 29

Community Yard Sale--June 6, 2015
We'll be holding a Community Yard Sale at Manor Farm on Saturday September 27 from 10 am to 4 pm. For a donation of $20 you can have a 10'x10' space to sell your unwanted stuff. If you love garage/yard sales, this is for you! If you want to reserve a space, click here: Yard Sale Reservation form

Book Discussion: Energy Unbound: A Fable for America's Future by Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins and Seth Zuckerman.

  •   August 10 & September 21
  •   Manor Farm 7 pm
  •   Please start reading before August 10

Book Discussion: Hope, Human and Wild by Bill McKibbon

  •   October 19 and November 16
  •   Manor Farm 7 pm
  •   Please start reading before October 19 and finish by November 16

Can you help?

We are looking for donations of:
      · a DVD player
      · berets (adult sized)
      · pitchers (for drinks)
      · cloth napkins
      · solid color table cloths for 8' tables
      · covered cake/cookie trays
      · some old stockings
      · old Ranger Rick magazines
      · gloves/mittens for winter
      · tree branches approximately 3" in diameter
      · trowels, garden rakes (not leaf rakes)
      · garden gloves
      · garden hoses
      · clippers and loppers for trimming trails
      · binoculars
      · a small digital camera
      · 10 x 10 'festival' tents
      · raincoats/ponchos to fit ages 10 through adult
      · a library-style step stool

Thanks for the very generous help!



for helping out at Manor Farm

and HRH health care

for translating our Earth Rangers' asthma flyer

We're seeking people to help keep trails trimmed in Berkeley Jackson County Park and Manor Road Park. If you are not susceptable to poison ivy, we especially need you! We also need someone who can do some minor carpentry/constructon for a few interior projects at Manor Farm.

You can phone us at 516-938-6152 or email us at

Be sure to "like" us to keep up to date.

Donations to Starflower Experiences are tax-deductible.
You can still send a check or donate needed items, but if you want to donate here online, now you can!

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